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Our Cosmetic Dentistry Experience Is A Life Changer


In cosmetic dentistry, Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Amanda Canto recounts a time when she was first in dental training: She was witness to the moment when a shy, introverted young girl with a severe under-bite viewed her “new” face after full dental reconstruction. Her cosmetic dentistry experience changed her life. It was then that Dr. Amanda Canto knew she needed to help people change their lives for the better with dentistry.

“It was like seeing the sun coming up in her life!” Dr. Canto says. Over time, as the profound effect that this one surgery had on this young girl’s personality became even more apparent, Dr. Canto was convinced that with the practice of cosmetic dentistry, she had to tools to change lives in a deep and meaningful way.

Transforming Your Relationship to the Dentist

cosmetic dentists patient formsDr. Amanda Canto knows how to connect with her patients. She has the unique ability to listen to her patients deeply and believes that the better she gets to know a person, the better she can craft a comprehensive wellness plan and design a smile for them that will be a perfect fit. It is because of her passion that she brings to the forefront that fulfills her patient’s full cosmetic dentistry experience.

Dr. Canto is also passionate about transforming people’s relationship to visiting the dentist  – when you step into the bright cheerful Galleria office in uptown Houston, you can expect a cosmetic dentistry experience like no other dental office you have ever been to.

“I love the transformative power of Cosmetic Dentistry! I am not just transforming someone’s smile – often we are transforming their entire relationship to life, their self confidence, and also their health. It’s extremely satisfying to be able to help people this way.”
~Dr. Canto

Afraid Of The Dentist?

We Promise to Give You a Cosmetic Dentistry Experience Like No Other!

At Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, we focus on relaxation, better educational tools, and uncompromising personal relationships. Our practice is dedicated to comprehensive dental wellness with an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry experience and smile rejuvenation.

Call 713-622-1977 or Contact Us for a Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation with Dr. Amanda Canto and see for yourself how she is transforming lives with cosmetic dentistry.

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