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Receiving Metal Free Crowns and Bridges from Houston Dentist

As technology within the medical and dental industries have quickly progressed, we at Cosmetic Dentists of Houston have continued to progressively evolve accordingly. It’s been so much fun seeing how far dentistry has come over the past decade.

One of those developments have been the evolution of dental crowns and dental bridges. Remember those silver lines or dark lines along the gums that people would have if they ever received a dental crown or even a dental bridge? It could be quite embarrassing and at times would hold back people from smiling completely.

Metal Free Crowns and Bridges at Our Dental Office

This is no longer the case, especially at our Houston dental office. We only utilize metal free crowns and bridges for all of our dental patients. This ensures there are no lines that can be seen, which also ensures your dental crowns and dental bridges look as natural as possible.

Technology has given us the ability to now practice dentistry metal free, which means you can receive crowns and bridges worry-free.

Our primary goal at Cosmetic Dentists of Houston is to make sure every dental patient has a clean and healthy mouth. Oral health is paramount because pristine oral health helps ensure positive overall health. Along with the priority of health, our dentists and dental hygienists are all about the cosmetic side. We want your smile to feel and look beautiful. We want you to be confident with every smile. You should never have to hold back on giving a full, broad smile.

In Need of Crowns or Bridges?

Dental crowns have become an extremely popular option for many dental patients. Over time, teeth begin to fail by cracking or breaking through cavities or wear and tear. Not only are dental crowns necessary, but dental bridges have become more in demand, especially with the massive increase of sugars used in so many foods and drinks. If you are one of those individuals, or have family members, suffering from failing teeth, then our dental options are just what you need.

Contact our dental office at 713-622-1977 or fill out our online form and schedule your dental crown or dental bridge appointment.