Dental Care Exams

Our comprehensive dental care exams extend far beyond healthy teeth. Dr. Amanda Canto and the team at Cosmetic Dentists of Houston are totally passionate about your overall health and well-being.

You may start to call your regular dental care exams your “exceptional oral health visits!”

Plan on a Dental Care Visit Like None Other

Your initial dental care visit takes place in our comfortable and relaxed Houston Galleria office, where we begin with a questionnaire and blood pressure test to monitor your overall health before we delve deeper into your dental, periodontal and oral analysis.

Comprehensive Exams with a Gentle Touch

We know that most people avoid going to the dentist because of fear brought on from prior bad experiences and that is why we pride ourselves on transforming the dental experience. We begin our new patient visit with conversation and time to get to know our patients in order to understand what is most important to you. At this initial diagnostic appointment, we thoroughly review your health history, monitor blood pressures to establish baselines, take full mouth digital xrays, perform a comprehensive dental evaluation and provide a Free Oral Cancer screening using the newest OralID fluorescence technology. We also utilize the most advanced diagnostic and educational equipment with the Sopro intraoral camera, which is FDA approved to detect cavities at their earliest stages by fluorescence photography so… you see what we see. We allow our amazing hygienist to perform your full periodontal evaluation to offer her expertise and gentle touch, followed by the doctor’s diagnosis of the type of cleaning or periodontal care you may need. Our patients rave that this is the most complete evaluation they have ever experienced and we love it!

Spa-like Comfort

During yourspa quality office visit you will be pampered with our spa-like amenities, including aromatherapy, hot towels, ergonomically designed chairs, warm blankets, Bose noise-canceling headphones, and a wide selection of personal music and entertainment.


Our Diagnostics Include:

  1. Low-Radiation Digital X-rays: for immediate and precise results with only 20% of the radiation compared to traditional X-rays
  2. A Thorough Periodontal Screening: with one of our expert hygienists who apply the latest technology with a gentle touch. Learn more about our Periodontal/Gum Care.
  3. A Complete Dental Care Exam using our Sopro Intraoral Camera: our FDA-approved cameras detect decay at its earliest stages while allowing you- the patient- to see what we see.
  4. Oral Cancer Screening: using OralID florescence technology, which can detect signs of oral cancer before it can be seen or felt. We can also provide an HPV saliva test if needed or requested, not included in the free screening. Read more about Oral Cancer Screenings.

Reserve a Consultation! We Promise to Earn Your Trust

Call 713-622-1977 or come visit our Houston Galleria office for a Comprehensive Dental Care Visit with Cosmetic Dentists of Houston where we take care of all of your general dental needs while providing the very best in cosmetic dentistry.

“At Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, we believe that the key to a beautiful smile begins with great health.”
~Dr. Amanda Canto

Our Emphasis is Always on Personal Comfort, Education and Communication

We take the time to explain our findings to you every step of the way. Dr. Canto and the team always take the time to consult with you on the results of these findings and suggest a treatment plan based on your needs.

They are available to answer any other general or cosmetic dentistry questions you may have.

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Call 713-622-1977 or  visit our Houston Galleria office for a Comprehensive Dental Wellness Appointment with Cosmetic Dentists of Houston. All your cosmetic dentistry and dental questions will be answered in a discreet, comfortable environment.

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