A Lifetime of Community Service

From fostering rescue animals from the SPCA to changing the lives of at-risk youth, Dr. Amanda Canto has always felt that it is important to give back to the community.

Dr. Canto is a National Committee member of Freedom Day USA, an annual event in which businesses, including Cosmetic Dentists Houston, donate goods and services to veterans, active duty military, and their families. Dr. Canto is particularly passionate about this cause because it’s a wonderful way to honor those who make profound sacrifices to keep our country safe. This “DAY OF FREE” each year is a special time to connect with veterans and troops, hear their stories, and change their lives through the transformative power of good oral health and cosmetic dentistry.

Going Above and Beyond

Amanda Canto believes her outreach, generosity and friendship within the Houston community are key to building relationships with her fellow Houstonians.

Dr. Canto has also been blessed to take her dental passion beyond her immediate community by participating in a dental mission with the Ecuadent Foundation, during which she traveled to Ecuador with a team of U.S. Dentists to provide services for hundreds of  underprivileged children. 

To be able to care for a community that is in such great need yet filled with incredible gratitude and love was truly an incredible opportunity and one of the greatest experiences of her life. She cherishes that time and values it as one of the most life altering experiences ever. She will surely participate again in the future.

Dr. Canto has been participating in a dental mission with the Ecuadent Foundation, providing dental services for hundreds of underprivileged children.

A Life-Changing Story

On the day she met Christopher De Leon, Dr. Canto spontaneously offered him the “Gift of a Smile” –  complimentary dental treatments throughout his college career. 

This was the beginning of her Gift of a Smile Program. This extraordinary program, coordinated with Houston’s own Window of Opportunity Foundation, has now provided more than $30,000 in services to at-risk youth in Houston, Texas.

“Dr. Canto is a true professional, but she is also a friend. She’s a perfect balance of professionalism, service, and friendship.

I come from a very humble background. I was always ambitious and knew that I had to do the right thing, but coming up without any role models, you don’t always know what that right thing is.

Dr. Canto showed me two very important things, both as a young man and as a professional: one of those is outreach and giving back to your community

The other is that you can come from a humble background but still be treated with respect. She showed me that it is my responsibility to respect all, in the same way.

She became a friend, and I look at her as a role model… she’s been a mentor to me through all these times.

Had she never stepped up that day at the ceremony… I probably would not be smiling today.”


– Christopher De Leon

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