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Free Oral Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life


At Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, we offer free oral cancer screenings to all of our patients. Dr. Amanda Canto is one of the first F.A.C.T. certified dentists in the country, meaning she is has completed training in OralID’s Oral Health protocol for diagnosing oral cancer sooner.

Our comprehensive wellness exams include complimentary oral cancer screenings using OralID – a state-of-the-art cancer screening device that can identify the first signs of oral cancer before it can even be seen with the human eye.

Our Full Oral Cancer Screening Protocol Includes:

  • Lifestyle/risk assessment
  • HPV salivary tests
  • Regular oral cancer screenings
  • CytID (Cytology testing)
  • PathID, Referrals to Oral Pathologist if needed

Read more and see video about our complete Oral Cancer Screening Protocol.

Call 713-622-1977 or come visit our Houston office for a Free Oral Cancer Screening as part of your comprehensive wellness exam or free cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Amanda Canto.

Why Early Detection is the Key to Survival

It Could Happen To You

Oral cancer is a detectable, treatable form of cancer that is a real threat to your health. Over 48,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year alone and in the U.S., one person dies of oral cancer every hour, 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. This isn’t due to the cancer being difficult to detect; it’s due to most people discovering that they have oral cancer after it has progressed to the later stages.

“Did you know that oral cancer KILLS one American EVERY hour of EVERY day?.”
~Dr. Amanda Canto

free oral cancer screenings houstonVery Early Detection is Possible

Regular oral cancer screenings are so important because early detection is critical. Oral cancer is an ideal cancer to identify early by screening because it often begins with a small, identifiable, pre-malignant lesion in the mouth, which grows slowly over 2 – 8 years.

Oral Cancer Exams Can Be Routine

Early detection, in the pre-malignant stage, is simple and painless and can be easily included in any dentists’ routine oral check-ups. Yet according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, only 15% of the population reports ever having an oral examination, and only 7% reports receiving annual screenings. ²

Early Detection = 80% Survival Rate

The survival rate for oral cancer is very high if detected early – up to 80%. Also, the treatment and procedures for removal are much easier and less disfiguring the earlier it is detected.

Most Oral Cancer is Caught Too Late

Most oral cancer is detected only after it has advanced to stage III and IV, when cure rates are only 19%, which is abysmally low. ²

“Over 60% of the US population goes to the dentist every year, and yet still only 7% of the public is getting screened? It’s really tragic.”
~Dr. Amanda Canto

Get Yourself Screened!

In Houston?  Call 713-622-1977 to schedule a Free Oral Cancer Screening.

Out of Town?

Visit our Nationwide Oral Cancer Directory to find a dentist who offers free oral cancer screenings near you.

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