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Oral Cancer Screening Initiative


Oral cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the USA, especially among young people. At Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, Dr. Amanda Canto offers free oral cancer screenings and has developed the Oral Cancer Screening Initiative to set a precedent for dentists across the country to offer free oral cancer screenings to patients during routine check-ups.

Dr. Canto believes that dentists can – and have the responsibility to – significantly increase the survival rate of oral cancer by increasing the rate of early detection. Oral cancer screening initiatives are the proactive way to ensure patient safety from oral cancer and to take action if diagnosed.

Goals of the Oral Cancer Screening Initiative:

  1. Increase awareness of the risks of oral cancer in the general public and encourage patient participation.
  2. Develop a model oral cancer screening protocol (like mamograms for breast cancer and pap smears for cervical cancer) to promote early detection of oral cancer.
  3. Promote OralID and other emerging cancer detection technologies, which enable dentists to provide low cost or complimentary oral cancer screenings to their patients during routine check-ups.
  4. Set a precedent for dentists everywhere to provide low-cost or free cancer screenings to their patients and encourage dentists across the country to add oral cancer screening and education into their routine dental wellness exams.

A Pioneer in Oral Cancer Technology

oral id houstonDr. Amanda Canto was one of the first dentists in the country to embrace the florescence technology.  When it emerged with VELscope, she was part of their clinician luminary group. And Dr. Canto is now the very first dentist in the world to purchase OralID,  the latest oral cancer screening device using florescence technology.

Learn more about Early Detection with OralID.

Reaching a Wider Audience…

Oral cancer does not yet have any standard protocol, such as mammograms for breast cancer or pap smears for cervical cancer. Dr. Canto is trying to change this. She has developed a comprehensive oral cancer screening protocol for her own patients, and the Oral Cancer Initiative in order to reach a wider audience:

  • Education as First Line of Defense

    Dr. Canto believes that educating the public is vitally important. She has written numerous articles on oral cancer including Oral Cancer Facts and the Symptoms of Oral Cancer. She has also published numerous oral cancer videos, all designed to inform the public about the risks of oral cancer and the importance of screenings for early detection.

  • Saving Lives Through Early Detection

    Dr. Canto offers Free Oral Cancer Screenings to all of her patients because early detection of oral cancer detection saves lives. Her comprehensive Oral Cancer Screening Protocol also includes HPV saliva tests and brush biopsies – all designed to detect the earliest signs of oral cancer.

  • Promoting New Technology

    As part of each regular oral check-up, Dr. Canto performs a quick and painless 5 minute scan of her patient’s mouth using OralID, a state-of-the-art new cancer screening device, which is a simple device that utilizes fluorescence technology to identify earlier signs of tissue abnormalities, long before they can be felt or seen with the naked eye.

  • Setting the Precedent for Free Oral Cancer Screenings

    Dr. Canto is trying to encourage dentists across the country to offer oral cancer screening to their patients during routine check-ups. She believes that dentists can, and have the responsibility to significantly increase the survival rate of oral cancer by increasing the rate of early detection.

dr amanda canto dds“Having been in the dental field for quite some time, I have yet to see a dentist take the initiative that Dr. Canto is doing with her Oral Cancer Screening Initiative. There are only a handful of dentists that are incorporating the latest technologies to screen for oral cancer. Dr. Canto is now raising the bar on the standard of care for her patients.”

The Oral Cancer Foundation states:

Just doing ‘opportunistic’ cancer screenings of the existing patient population which visits a dental office every day, would yield tens of thousands of opportunities to catch oral cancer in its early stages.¹

Dr. Canto encourages any dentists offering free oral cancer screenings to list their practice on her Nationwide Directory for Free Oral Cancer Screenings.

“Having regular check-ups is not just about your teeth – it is about your total health and wellness!”
~Dr. Amanda Canto, DDS

Get Yourself Screened

In Houston? Call Cosmetic Dentists of Houston today at 713-622-1977 or contact us to schedule a Free Oral Cancer Screening.

Out of Town? Visit our Nationwide Oral Cancer Directory to find a dentist who offers free oral cancer screenings near you.

¹Dental Issues. The Oral Cancer Foundation. n.d. Web. 2013

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