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Oral Cancer Protocol and Screening


Oral cancer does not yet have any standard protocol, such as mammograms for breast cancer or pap smears for cervical cancer. Houston dentist Amanda Canto is trying to change this.

At Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, Dr. Canto offers Free Oral Cancer Screenings with all dental wellness exams, and she has developed a comprehensive oral cancer screening protocol to help educate patients at risk and identify early signs of oral cancer.

Cosmetic Dentists of Houston Oral Cancer Protocol

Our Oral Cancer Protocol is Designed to:

  • Inform all patients about the risk factors of oral cancer.
  • Identify and educate patients with higher risk for oral cancer.
  • Include regular screenings with wellness exams.
  • Increase the cancer screening schedule for at-risk patients.
  • Spot early signs of oral cancer while it is still easily treatable.
  • Guide patients towards the necessary specialists if necessary.

A Proactive Approach to Defeating Oral Cancer:

oral id houstonAt Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, Dr. Canto has developed a unique and multilateral approach for oral cancer detection, which utilizes several methods and is customized to match the individual’s risk factor.

  • Questionnaire: to help identify patients with higher risk
  • Salivary Test: to screen for HPV positive results/identify higher risk
  • Oral Cancer Screenings: regularly scheduled with wellness exams (for early detection)
  • Oral CDx (Brush biopsy/ brush cytology): to evaluate early developments, or class II lesions
  • Referral to an Oral Pathologist: if necessary, for further evaluation

Why is an Oral Cancer Screening Protocol Important?

free oral cancer screenings houstonAwareness and Early Detection Save Lives

“One only has to look at the impact of the annual PAP smear, mammogram, and prostate exam, to see how effectively an aware and involved public can contribute to early detection, when coupled with a motivated medical community. The dental community needs to assume this same leadership role if oral cancer is to be brought down from its undeserved high ranking as a killer.”  – Oral Cancer Foundation

Dentists are Uniquely Positioned to Make a Huge Difference

“After an informed public that is knowledgeable about the risk factors for oral cancer, the dental community is the first line of defense in early detection of the disease…”
“Just doing ‘opportunistic’ cancer screenings of the existing patient population which visits a dental office every day would yield tens of thousands of opportunities to catch oral cancer in its early stages.”

“A thorough, systematic examination of the mouth, head, and neck need only take a few minutes and can detect these cancers at an early and curable, stage.”

Oral Cancer Screenings Can Be Performed by Dentists Everywhere

As part of each oral cancer screening, Dr. Canto performs a quick and painless 5-minute scan of her patient’s mouth using OralID, a state-of-the-art new cancer screening device, which is a simple device that utilizes fluorescence technology to identify earlier signs of tissue abnormalities, long before they can be felt or seen with the naked eye.

Dr. Canto is proud to be one of the first dentists in the country to use OralID Device and she has been promoting the use of florescence technology for cancer screening for many years.

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Get Yourself Screened!

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