Our Periodontal Treatment Protocol

At Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, we believe that your oral and overall health begins with healthy gums. Your periodontal condition will be thoroughly evaluated during your initial visit and will be monitored closely during each subsequent comprehensive oral wellness exam.

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Dr. Amanda Canto takes any signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease very seriously and has developed a complete periodontal treatment protocol. We use the newest technology and training to fight and control periodontal disease. Our highly trained and laser-certified hygienist now uses laser-assisted therapy to kill bacteria that cause disease. This therapy cuts down on the amount of bacteria in your mouth which, in turn, allows your body to heal faster and better.

1) Your Initial Evaluation

During your initial visit, Dr. Canto will consult with you and you will be examined and educated by our dental hygienist.

During Your Visit…
  • Digital x-rays are taken, which help to detect signs of periodontal disease hidden below the gum-line.
  • Depth of gum pockets around each tooth are each carefully measured and recorded.
  • Any trouble-spots or deep pockets are noted and will be discussed with you.

2) Signs of Gingivitis:

If we find signs of gingivitis or gum recession, you will be advised on varioustreatments and healing options.  These go far beyond brushing and flossing – we call it “Gum Therapy!” Your personal periodontal advice will be included in a comprehensive wellness plan, which is designed to strengthen your gums and teeth by boosting your overall health and well-being.

  • For gum recession, we will educate you as well as offer suggestions for treatment and damage control.
  • For tooth grinding or clenching, a common cause of gum recession, we cover everything from stress relief to mouth-guards.
  • To combat gum inflammation and infection, we discuss nutritional supplements and diet to antibiotics.
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3) Signs of Periodontal Disease

If we find more advanced periodontal disease, your treatment plan may require advanced non-surgical treatments such as:

    • Deep cleaning, including root planning and scaling, to remove hardened plaque beneath the gums
    • “Gum Lifts” to reduce the space between the teeth and gum, limiting the area where bacteria can grow
    • Laser-assisted therapy to ensure the deepest level of clean with little to no pain and no recovery down-time

The Benefits of Laser-Assisted Therapy:

Our laser-certified registered hygienist Ashley Jenkins performs laser-assisted therapy as part of a specialized periodontal treatment. Laser cleanings vaporize the diseased tissue in the gums that turn into tartar buildup and cause gingivitis and periodontitis, promoting regeneration and encouraging gums to “regrow” tightly around your teeth. Laser cleaning is a great option for people already suffering from periodontitis or gum disease because it reduces the pain associated with getting a thorough, deep cleaning and is deeper and more thorough than a traditional cleaning. You can have your teeth cleaned and go right back to work after because there’s no painful recovery time. Less bleeding, swelling, and discomfort mean a better experience overall.

4) Gum Surgery:

We always do everything in our power to avoid surgery, but for patients who require surgery or more advanced periodontal treatments which require the expertise of a Periodontal surgeon, we will make a referral as necessary. We collaborate with the absolute best specialists in the city of Houston when advanced therapy or surgery are needed, including:

  • Severe Periodontal disease therapy
  • Gum surgery
  • Bone grafting and regeneration
  • Tissue grafting
  • Pocket depth reduction (“gum flap surgery”)

Take Care of Your Gums!

Call 713-622-1977 or come visit our Houston office for a Comprehensive Periodontal Health Consultation and to learn more about our comprehensive gingivitis and gum disease protocol. Get all your oral health and cosmetic dentistry questions answered by the expert clinicians at Cosmetic Dentists of Houston.

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