Are Composite Fillings Better than Silver Fillings?

At Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, patients sometimes ask why we only use white fillings and not amalgam, or “silver” fillings. Dr. Amanda Canto promotes mercury free dentistry and is passionate about using only the highest quality materials in her patients mouths. She believes that white fillings (made from composite or porcelain) are better than amalgam (silver fillings) for both aesthetic and health reasons.

composite fillings

Why we only use Composite Fillings

  • White fillings can be made of composite resins or porcelain and contain no mercury.
  • Composite fillings are white, look completely natural and will match your teeth perfectly.
  • Composite resins do not expand or contract like metal so they tend to be sturdier and last longer that amalgam.
  • White fillings are stronger: they adhere to the tooth, actually helping to hold it together, unlike amalgam.
  • Composite fillings can actually improve your smile by reshaping a misshapen tooth or changing the color of a discolored tooth.

Dr. Amanda Canto DDS is strongly committed to using only mercury free dentistry in her Houston Galleria office. She uses the Isolight System when removing amalgam to minimize mercury exposure during amalgam removal.

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“In the past, dentists used silver fillings because metal was the strongest material available to us – especially for the back teeth. Now however, dentistry has evolved with the creation of very strong, natural-looking composite resins which can be used in both the front and back teeth. These composite resins are more durable, better looking, and healthier for you and the environment than mercury-containing amalgam fillings, which were all that was available to us before.”

~Dr. Amanda Canto, DDS

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