Tales of Transformation

On the day she met Chris De Leon, Houston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Amanda Canto, DDS spontaneously offered him a “Gift of a Smile” – complimentary dental treatment throughout his college career.  

“She did become a friend and I looked at her as a role model… she’s been a mentor to me over all these times…”

– Christopher De Leon

Pastor Wright has been a patient of Dr. Canto’s for over 17 years. He had severe problems as a result of bad experiences with other dentists.

“I had a strong, severe distrust for dentists, a fear of needles, but coming here, with her capable and caring staff, and her innovative ways, she helped me not only to gain a beautiful smile, but to win a wonderful friendship, and relationship with this office.

– Pastor Remus Wright

Beverly is both a psychotherapist and a belly dancer…so she was looking for a dental solution that looked very natural but could also be a bit glamorous…

She is an expert…and she is an artist.”  

– Beverly Lefleur

“It is important that it is not just technically sound – but that (your dentist has) the eye to see the whole you, that whatever change they are making matches not only your structure – but who you are as a person… that it makes you feel that you look natural.

 – Allison Wall

I was a tetracycline baby – so in the early 60’s they were giving this medicine that made everybody’s teeth green. So for years that’s the way I looked – I had off-colored teeth. I had various work done from the military… I had this cornucopia of ugly in my mouth.

You can’t find a picture of me not smiling now – it’s been life-changing for me.” 

 Charles Achord

“Since I go away to school, I could have gone to a bunch of other dentists – it would be more convenient. But I would rather just keep coming to Dr. Canto. I really trust her.”

–  Miranda Hurwitz

“It’s not just about the doctor; it’s about the entire team, and they make you feel like you are part of that team. Asking what you want it to look like – you are part of the decision making process.”

–  Pastor John Pyles

“Dr. Canto has knowledge, experience, state-of-the-art equipment, is well-connected in the dentistry field…she knows people to refer you to if you need other things done, and I just have confidence in her ability and also how she treats people…as a patient and friend.”

– Debbie Perrin

“You feel special when you are sitting in the chair. She is interested in you and what you want, but she also knows how to enhance what you already have. I would highly recommend her to anyone. You are just going to love her.”

–  Cheryl Clemens

“I had bonding on 8 teeth… I had gaps and undersized teeth. The thought of doing veneers just sounded too drastic because I had structurally sound teeth. It just freaked me out… 

When I talked to Dr. Canto she said ‘No – there is no need to do that! We can bond. It’s going to look very natural… and we can put it on top so you will still have the structural soundness of your teeth.’

She is so excellent in what she does. Her skill level is top notch.”

– Joy Winkler

“She has done a full mouth reconstruction on me. I had severe tetracycline staining – my teeth were a very dark shade of grey, and my jaw was a little too long… she raised my bite dimensions. She has made it vastly, vastly better.”

– Patty Williams

“People laugh when I say I love to go to my dentist! But I do! She saved my life! She really did. I had high blood pressure and didn’t know it.

She refused to do the procedure and sent me to the doctor. It was stroke high – I ended up in urgent care. So she truly did save my life. If I had not found it then, it could have been really bad.”

– Denice Riley

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