Dental Bridge and Metal Free Crowns

Dental crowns, which are sometimes referred to as “caps,” as well as dental bridges are used to restore the functionality of broken and cracked or missing teeth. In the past, crowns and were made of metal because metal was easy to work with and thought to be the strongest material. However, metal crowns never look natural.

When was the last time you saw someone with naturally metallic teeth?  The metal crowns of the past would also cause a black line to form on the gum line around the crown.

The new metal-free crowns completely get rid of those ugly black lines, giving you a smile that looks healthy and natural. In this video, Houston dentist Dr. Amanda Canto, DDS talks about the advances in technology that have given dentists metal free crowns and bridges.

Tooth Bridge Procedure

Dental bridge installation typically requires two visits to the dentist’s office. First, the dentist will remove some of the enamel from the surrounding teeth to make space for the crown to fit over the area. The bridge, pontic, and crowns will then be created in a lab using a mold of this section of your teeth. The area will then be protected by a temporary bridge.

Your dentist will take out the temporary bridge and install the permanent porcelain, metal, and/or plastic bridge during the second appointment visit. It may be required to make a few last-minute shape and sculpting modifications to ensure that the dental bridges fit correctly.

What is the Dental Bridge Cost in Houston?

The complexity and quantity of teeth that need to be replaced are two criteria that affect the cost of dental bridges in Houston.

Dental bridge cost between $2500 and $5000. The 3-unit dental bridge has a lower limit, and the 6-unit dental bridge has an upper limit. Any type of dental bridge you select will cost somewhere in the middle of these.

Why We Use Metal-Free Crowns and Dental Bridges

At Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, we believe in giving our patients the best treatment possible. That’s why we avoid using metal crowns and bridges. Modern technology has afforded our Houston dentists the opportunity to practice cosmetic dentistry without the use of metal. Metal free crowns and bridges will always be available at your convenience here at Cosmetic Dentists of Houston.

We now offer crowns and bridges with:

dental crowns

Full Porcelain
Lithium Disilicates

These are all pretty technical terms, but they basically mean that there’s no metal involved. We can use these materials in both dental crowns and bridges. This means that we can give you a beautiful, healthy smile with metal free crowns and bridges. Your confidence will rise as your new smile begins to glow!

More Questions?

Come in and meet Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Amanda Canto! Dr. Canto can consult with you and help you decide whether dental crowns, onlays, or bridges are the right fit for you. Call 713-622-1977 or Contact Us for a Free Dental Crown Consultation with Dr. Amanda Canto.

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