Dental Implants Houston: A Permanent Solution to Lost Teeth

For many years, the only solutions to missing teeth have been dentures, crowns and bridges, all of which are either temporary or difficult to maintain. Happily, today we have another option – dental implants –which provide a natural-looking, permanent solution to your missing teeth.

A dental implant can support individual crowns, multiple crowns and even dentures. If you are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth, you may be a viable candidate for implants.

“For people that are living with missing teeth… implants are the optimal treatment option. It just rejuvenates a smile, right back to what it should be.”

Advantages of a Dental Implant Over Bridges or Partial Dentures

  • Dental implants are as durable as original teeth and can last a lifetime.
  • Implants act like natural teeth, stimulating bone growth and preserving your natural facial structure.
  • Tooth implants are attached to your jaw, so they will never slip or rub, allowing you eat what you like!
  • They function and feel exactly like natural teeth, and they are easy to care for.
  • Unlike bridges and dentures, implants do not damage to surrounding teeth.

What Are Dental Implants in Houston?

Implants are constructed from Titanium alloy, which is made to mimic and replace your natural tooth root. Once inserted, they become a permanent part of your jaw. Connected to each implant is an abutment, which protrudes from your gum line. On top of this abutment is placed a crown, which is an artificial tooth that is custom fabricated to match the shape of your natural teeth.

Advancements are being made to the design of implants every year, and candidates now have many implant options to choose from. Even people who have a jaw with “narrow bone” can now be considered as a candidate for grafting in preparation for implants.

For more information, see Cost of Dental Implants.

Is Tooth Implant Right for You?

At Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, many of our clients ask us about dental implants. The most common questions are How much do tooth implants cost? and How quickly can implants be completed? These are great questions. While many dental implant questions can be answered in general, Dr. Canto believes the most important questions for each of her patient are:

  1. “Am I a good candidate for dental implants?”
  2. “Which kind of dental implants are right for me?”

To accurately determine the answers to these two questions, Dr. Canto will review your individual history, health, and specific dental needs.


Dental Implant Cost

First, each case is distinct. However, single dental implants often cost between $1,800 to $2,500 per. Not per surgery, but rather per implant. Some people will only require one implant, however others who are missing many teeth will require several.

Dental implants cost may also require bone grafting, difficult extractions, or other operations, which could result in additional costs.

Dental Implant Consultations in Houston

Dr. Canto promotes a comprehensive dental wellness approach that includes personalized education for each of her clients. If you have questions about dental implants, she will be happy to help you decide if implants are right for you. Call 713-622-1977 to schedule a Dental Implant Consultation with Dr. Amanda Canto and her network of expert, certified implant surgeons.


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