Composite Fillings
& Dental Restorations

At Cosmetic Dentists Houston, we perform dental restorations and composite fillings with durable, high-quality, non-metal materials. If you are looking to replace amalgam (silver fillings) with white fillings, please read about our mercury-free dentistry.

Dental restorations, commonly known as “dental fillings,” refer to various ways in which a dentist can fill, replace, or restore the structure of a tooth.

White Fillings:

We utilize only white (composite or porcelain) filling materials to restore teeth that have been decayed or broken down. Dental restorations are bonded into place, which add strength and help to support the existing tooth structure. This type of dental restoration is ideal for teeth that have significant amount of structure left.

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Full Porcelain Crowns or Onlays:

If more than 75% of the chewing surface of a tooth has been compromised, a crown or onlay may be necessary. A crown will cover your tooth entirely, while an onlay fits on top of the tooth like a puzzle piece. Both can help prevent further issues such as a root canal or tooth loss.

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Full Porcelain Bridges:

If you have a missing tooth or are faced with an inevitable tooth extraction, a full porcelain bridge might be an option. A bridge usually involves three teeth, two teeth on either side of the missing tooth and the false tooth that is supported by the healthy teeth.

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Image of dental implants offered by Dr. Canto Houston. Same day Crowns

Dental Implants:

Dr. Canto will make a referral within our network of expert implant surgeons who perform the surgical portions of the implant while she handles all the “above the gumline” procedures.  Once a patient is fully healed from the surgical portion of implant placement, Dr. Canto will place an above the gum abutment. She will craft a temporary restoration to replace your tooth while your crown is being fabricated.

Dr. Canto is very specific about gum levels turning out to their best possible position. Therefore, the provisional is made to literally train the tissue to yield the most balanced and natural result. All crowns are fabricated from a metal free material by expert ceramist in our  world class Idaho laboratories before they are bonded into place.

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