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How Your Houston Dentist Can Fix Your Chipped Tooth

Having a chipped tooth is not the problem. There are countless people – celebrities even – who have chipped teeth. It only becomes problematic if nothing is done for the tooth.

At our Houston dentist office, we have been working in cosmetic dentistry for decades, and correcting chipped teeth, broken teeth, and even dead teeth, as we discussed in our previous blog post, is just part of what we do. It is our primary goal to ensure your smile looks as beautiful and natural as possible.

What You Should Do With a Chipped Tooth

In dealing with a chipped tooth, there are a few options and it depends on how much the dental patient wishes to spend. The price, however, does affect the longevity of whichever dental procedure is chosen.

“If it is a small chip, then definitely a direct bonded composite can be used, but that will have to be replaced more often as the composite or resin starts to stain,” Dr. Amanda Canto says. “The more lifelike and longer lasting alternative would be a porcelain veneer.”

A porcelain veneer covers the entire front of the tooth by being bonded to the teeth. The veneers look very natural and are always made to match your existing teeth. Porcelain veneers are extremely durable and typically last between 10 and 20 years.

What If It Is a Severe Tooth Fracture?

The worse the tooth fracture is, the more serious the matter becomes. If you have a severe fracture in your tooth, then you should schedule your dental appointment immediately.

The reasons for immediately making your appointment is to avoid any further pain from the tooth as it will continue or become more sensitive to touch and cold objects, like iced water. It is also to avoid creating cavities in the tooth. Dr. Canto advises to take a further step in protecting your tooth if the problem is more than just a chipped tooth.

“If the fracture of the tooth is very severe, then definitely a [dental] crown would be more appropriate,” Dr. Canto says. “It all depends on the extent of the fracture, which should be evaluated by your dentist.”

If you have a chipped tooth, fractured tooth, or broken tooth, then you should schedule your dentist appointment with us today so we can evaluate whether your tooth needs a composite filling, a porcelain veneer, or a dental crown. Contact us at 713-622-1977 or online.