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Understanding Dental Anxieties

You may be afraid of going to the dentist because you have associated dental consultations and treatments to pain. We know everyone’s dental experience may sound a bit different, so we can’t just blame you for thinking such. But have you already heard of sedation dentistry in Houston? This may be just the solution for putting all those dental woes to rest.

Hands holding a tube for Sedation Dentistry in Houston

What Does Sedation Dentistry Do?

A lot has evolved in the world of dentistry and our dentists are always finding ways to make every dental appointment better. One of the dental discoveries that brought dental care to a different level is sedation dentistry. This technique uses medication to help patients feel relaxed during dental procedures. This method doesn’t entirely put you to sleep, but it makes you less aware of what’s happening in your surroundings.  

The next time you feel unsure of going to your dentists because of the pain you might get, think of this method as a solution. This allows you to get the dental treatment that you need without having to feel the pain. Don’t hesitate to ask your dentists about this in your next visit! 

4 Common Causes of Dental Anxieties

Each of us have our reasons as to why we fear going to the dentist, but here are a few of them and how you can overcome them: 

Fear of needles or injections

This could be very common, even to adults like us. For some, it is the feeling of injection in the mouth, while for others it is just the mere thought of a needle itself. In order to alleviate this fear, you can distract yourself while the dentist is using the injection or the needle in your mouth. You can even choose not to look at it. 

Fear of embarrassment

Some people feel ashamed of showing others, even their dentist, the condition of their teeth. Well, who would want to open their mouth to someone they just met and let them see crooked teeth accompanied with bad breath. If you have this fear, it’s better to have a casual conversation with your dentist first. Through this, you may begin to trust your dentist a bit more and eventually be able to let them work in your mouth without feeling awkward. 

Fear of being helpless

As you sit still on that dental chair while your dentist does the work, you might get that feeling of being out of control about the situation. This often happens to those who have trauma and unlikely experiences of violence from the past. To overcome this, you may ask your dentist to speak with you during the process. Your dentist won’t mind explaining things to make you feel less vulnerable and more comfortable. 

Fear of pain

Pain is one thing that no one wants to feel. This is also one of the most common reasons why some refuse to go to the dentist. Researching and understanding certain dental processes could help alleviate this fear. Also, regularly visiting your dentist for a dental appointment helps a lot in making you accustomed to the dental culture. 

 Patient getting a dental treatment under Sedation Dentistry in Houston

Are You Looking For Sedation Dentistry in Houston?

Our reliable dentists here at Cosmetic Dentists of Houston can definitely help you transform your smile while slowly getting rid of your dental anxieties. Book your appointment now!