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How Dentistry Evolved Through the Years

Dentistry and dental care have a long history and have gone through a lot of evolution through the years. Dentistry has come a long way from traditional teeth care to a variety of veneers in Houston, TX. If you think that dental care is still just about teeth cleaning and older methods, you’re in for quite the surprise. 

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6 Ways Dentistry Has Evolved Over the Years

Dentistry has played a great role in the lives of many, from childhood to adulthood. Here are six of the many innovations in the field of dentistry that you might find interesting. 

Smart Toothbrushes

Have you already brushed your teeth with a smart toothbrush? Smart toothbrushes have sensors that connect to an app on your smartphone. These then send information about how you brush your teeth, from the pressure you applied to the how you angle your toothbrush. These interactive apps even have games and rewards to encourage you. 

3D Digital Imaging

This is another exciting innovation in the field of dentistry. This allows your dentist to see not only your teeth, but also look at any issues in your muscle, tissue, and nerves. In addition, 3D digital imaging provides a more accurate dental diagnosis, thus saving you time, stress, and financial resources along the way. 

Needleless Anesthesia

Not everyone is a fan of needles and anesthesia. If you’re included, you’ll be happy to hear of this dental innovation that allows the use of electronic anesthesia!  

Digital X-Rays 

Your dentist can see how your teeth look like on the outside, but in order to provide further treatment, they need to see what really is happening beneath your teeth. Thanks to digital x-rays, dentists are now able to see beyond just your teeth structure in a much higher resolution than before. This uses an electronic sensor to capture and store the digital image on a computer for a better diagnosis. 

Lasers for Tooth Cavity Detection 

Dentists traditionally use a tool called the ‘explorer’ to find cavities. They poke it around your mouth during checkup to see if there are cavities or any signs of tooth decay. Today, many dentists already switched to diode laser which is a high-tech option for better detection of tooth decay.  

Better Dental Implants 

Though dental implants had long been popularized in the past, they often failed to serve their purpose. According to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, today’s dental implants are made even better with a longer life span that might be able to last you a lifetime. They use a titanium implant to serve as root replacement, with an abutment to connect them to a natural-looking crown. 

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Are You Ready to Get Your Veneers in Houston, TX? 

Here at Cosmetic Dentists of Houston, we take pride in giving you a great dental experience. We are committed to transforming your smile in the most comfortable way possible. It is our goal to uplift yourself by helping you gain more confidence with a beautiful smile. Book your appointment with us today!